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I am planning to write blogs on my real time problems that I asked on Stack Overflow. Is there any feature where I can select my questions and answers and download it in word format.

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This might help you out - – Lix Mar 29 '12 at 10:33
this is good , but only one question at a time. – Imran Rizvi Mar 29 '12 at 10:56

This already exists (sort of), you can get all your questions and answers via the API:

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questions and answers link shows something like JSON string and API link doesn't take to any specific api page. Can you give proper link? – Imran Rizvi Mar 29 '12 at 10:58
@ImranRizvi Hmm? The API link works fine, what do you mean by specific API page? And yes the questions and answers links are json strings. – Yannis Mar 29 '12 at 11:01
I meant the page where I can see something like "how to use api to download all your question and answers" – Imran Rizvi Mar 29 '12 at 11:05
@ImranRizvi Read the documentation. Note this is an API, you'll need to write some code to get what you need. – Yannis Mar 29 '12 at 11:06
oh so you mean to say I have to implement the API and write some function to get the given JSON quesiton and answer strings. – Imran Rizvi Mar 29 '12 at 11:08
@ImranRizvi Yes. – Yannis Mar 29 '12 at 11:09

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