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The recent change to reject question migrations broke a rather useful workflow when it came to cross-posted questions. When a cross-posted question is found, it's common for one site to keep it and the other to close (to avoid splitting answers):

  • Site A migrates the cross-post to site B, which already has it (so now it has two)
  • Site B closes the new question as a duplicate of the old one
  • Site B deletes the migration stub

Since migrated posts and merged posts (even when deleted) automatically redirect users, this had the effect that users viewing the post on site A were redirected to the cross-posted version on site B. Now that procedure results in the post on Site A being recategorized as "off-topic". Supposedly that doesn't happen if the post was closed as an exact duplicate, so I think it happened when the migrated post was deleted, but I'm not sure

Can we skip reversing a migration if the deleted target post was merged first?

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And before someone says that it's too bad and the asker shouldn't have cross-posted: the point is to be more helpful to future visitors by not leaving a dead end that has the question without its answers. –  Gilles Mar 29 '12 at 23:00
This should extend to mere "Close as duplicate". The migrators did everything right and we still reject the migration. –  Raphael Nov 20 at 11:11

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