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There are certain operations like upvote, downvote and starring for which we get the visual feedback even before the request is sent to the server. The problem is when the tab is closed quite soon after such an operation, and before a failure notification is shown to the user, then the request is silently not honored.

In a similar situation, GMail asks for confirmation as shown below:

GMail Confirmation Dialog

Although I hate popup confirmations, this scenario is rare enough not to be irritating, while also being useful on occasions when it actually happens.

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I think such a popup would be extremely annoying compared to the value of making sure every vote is counted. How about adding subtle, non-animated, visual feedback for incomplete actions instead (for example, dimming the vote number until the new value is saved, or putting some kind of mark on the clicked button)?

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Yes, a non-modal visual feedback is a good suggestion. It's already implemented for actions like adding a comment and upvoting a comment. So why not for everything? – Dheeraj V.S. Apr 2 '12 at 19:20

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