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So, I was wondering if the tag should be deleted?

I see it used when questions are about alignment, so I was think that the tag should be used instead of the tag?

According to tags that can't stand alone as the only tag aren't allowed, and I can't think of a case where center could be the only tag.

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The center cannot hold. – Chris Farmer Apr 3 '12 at 18:14
Make it synonymous of [alignment] or something like that? (OTOH, [left], [right], [top] and [bottom] look like they've been banned, I can't believe they would not exist otherwise.) – Mat Apr 3 '12 at 18:18
In my humble opinion, we should burn every tag which is a html-tag...otherwise I demand also tags for: a, img, align, p, script, head and html! ...oh wait... – Time Traveling Bobby Apr 3 '12 at 18:19

Just to note before I talk, the following tags about alignment exist:

I'd be in favor of merging these all into one tag, probably since aligning things can be troublesome and there are a lot of issues which are specific to alignment, especially in HTML. However, in most other instances where it refers to alignment, it appears to be used in a meta-like way. Alignment in HTML is a wide topic that I believe deserves its own tag, but merging them all into a single "alignment" tag seems not to be beneficial due to its vagueness.

Does anyone think a tag would be better? If we keep the tag, the tag wiki needs to be severely overhauled with what types of questions are allowed in it, and to point out there is a tag to use in those purposes.

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