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I was trying to merge a migrated, and already closed question, but the moderator menu didn't allow me to merge the questions.


As the merge is from the viewed question to the question for which I would enter the URL, or the post ID, why isn't merging possible in this case?

When I tried from the merge was done without problems.

Update: It happened again with another question, which was migrated from Stack Overflow, and closed as duplicate.
I think the problem is trying to merge a migrated question with an existing question, as I don't have the same problem with questions that are not migrated. I know there have been changes to allow automatic migration rejections, but merging should be allowed, even if the question comes from another site.

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You should totally drop meta and use jQuery $('input').attr('disabled','false') – Manishearth Apr 4 '12 at 2:40

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