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Cooking.SE would like to set up a beta community blog on Blogoverflow. We have post ideas, volunteers to write and run it, and an idea of its scope. We've been discussing setting up the blog a fair bit recently in #TheFryingPan, and we think we have a schedule (every other week) to start with.

But, we're not quite sure how to actually get the blog set up. The Stack Exchange Community Blogs room was frozen, so one of our mods un-froze it, but a question there hasn't elicited a response. (Nor did an earlier attempt in The Frying Pan).

So, the question is, how do we move forward with setting up a blog for Cooking.SE?

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I see that you've already followed all the steps, but I wanted to post this link to the guidelines for getting a Stack Exchange community blog started for those who haven't seen it. – Bill the Lizard Apr 5 '12 at 17:55
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You're slated to get a blog, ASAP. We're just waiting on some technical issues and, hopefully, the new beta design. Worse case, we'll launch with the Sketchy theme, but the whole process has been a bit backlogged. It wasn't intentionally, and sorry for the delays. It's coming.

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