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With 85 sites, the current all-site search is barely better than plain Google.
For example, "sql" returns 60 million hits, "crime" returns 175 million hits, and "sql crime" returns 1,360,000 hits.

Searching for [sql] is treated the exact same way as sql. Tag search does not work. This means that trying to find the best site to ask a question is very difficult, and the system is cluttered with lots of "Where do I ask" questions.

I suppose I could make a Greasemonkey script that could tag-search all 85 sites, plus the 441 Area 51 proposals, but it would be a bear to maintain, and too obscure to help most other users. This really seems like a job for the server.

Please implement a global, tag-search. Note that this could then be easily leveraged for a global "Where should I ask" page (which would ask the user for keywords and then display tag-search results to her).

This is not a duplicate of this, this, or this; because none of those questions indicate any advanced search capability is available (which tests show it is not).

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I was just trying to figure out where to start with Microsoft Band questions, and would love to have a tag search. (Though, in this case it wouldn't much help since there aren't really a lot of end-user oriented Band questions yet.) – Iszi Jul 13 '15 at 18:20

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