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As mentioned in this other meta question I just raised, I had some issues with the tag synonym process earlier.

Currently, a user can only recommend or vote on a tag synonym if they have a 'Score of 5' in the 'Master' tag.

I feel that this rule could be amended, in order to allow better management of tags by conscientious users who may not participate in questions regarding a certain tag, but like to help maintain the tag system.

I would recommend the following changes:

  1. Allow a user with a Score of 5 in the intended 'Synonym' tag to propose a tag synonym.
  2. Allow a user with a Score of 5 in the intended 'Synonym' tag to vote on a tag synonym request.
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These would be helpful changes, but I think they do not address the more general issue: the tag synonym suggestion system doesn't seem to result in new synonyms. Moderators almost always have to step in to make the change. – Jon Ericson Apr 11 '12 at 20:40

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