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Possible Duplicate:
Area-51 Different count of badges been shown at proposal and user pages

I have two tabs open in same browser as

discuss.area51 and area51

on the page of discuss.area51 it is showing badges count as 3 and on the area51 badges it is as 1 but with same reputation.

I want to know whether both accounts are different or it is a bug.

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@Rory thanks.I should have done more research earlier. – heyanshukla Apr 13 '12 at 11:17
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Both accounts are different.

All meta sites(except MSO) have the same rep system as their parent site. Upvotes/downvotes/blah on these sites do not affect any rep.

On the other hand, metas have a completely different, meta-specific badge system.

On a normal SE 2.0 site:

As well as me having completely different badge counts there:

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The Area51 Discussion Zone ("discuss") is the Meta site for Area51 ("main site"), they are different sites, similarly to how Stack Overflow is a different site from Meta Stack Overflow.

So, in your main Area51 user profile shows only the badges earned on the main site and your discussion user profile shows only the badges earned on the discussion site.

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