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Building an archive of deleted questions

Sometimes I meet questions (recent one, also about gitignores, or about computers in sailing) for which I feel "Page not found" even by looking at the link: "such funny question can't thrive on SO no matter how useful they are". Not all deleted questions are equally useless, so I google the title and find it mirrored somewhere.

Is there some official or the most popular mirror (compare to DeletionPedia for Wikipedia) where [deleted] questions gets (and ideally continues evolving)?

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Here's a mirror that occasionally saves deleted questions: 9nit.com. For example: 9nit.com/search/?keywords=css+gotchas – Dan Dascalescu Apr 13 '13 at 21:27

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There isn't official mirror as Stack Exchange doesn't want to just work around their own system

I found that Stack Printer is an useful one

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