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How do “badges” work?

Following the conversations on my question which was first moved to DSP, then moved back to SO, I noticed something strange, I don't think it's a wanted behavior over the StackExchange.

So I basically got some badges initially on SO based on the number of upvotes (which I would never have expected by the way). Fair enough.

When I was moved to DSP, I also got the badges for the number of upvotes on DSP.

But when I was moved back to SO, I still kept my badges on DSP, even if the message had been moved.

I won't complain since it's basically some free badges for me on DSP, but I wanted to know if that's really expected? When a question is moved back and forth, are you really supposed to keep all your badges in the "temporary" site where it was moved?

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I don't think it's really a duplicate, I know how badges work, but it's just that I have received the same badge on both DSP and SO for the same question, even if now it is really on SO and not anymore on DSP. – Charles Menguy Apr 16 '12 at 19:25
I see, thanks for the answer @lunboks. Please reply so I can accept your answer. – Charles Menguy Apr 16 '12 at 19:26
All right then. – lunboks Apr 16 '12 at 19:32

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Non-tag badges are not revoked under normal circumstances, so I'd say this is . In this case, you'll just not get another gold badge on DSP should you ever have another question with 100 upvotes. You can consider this one a bonus, I suppose.

According to the FAQ, badges are only ever taken away on a case-by-case basis if the system was maliciously cheated to obtain them. You can hardly say that this was the case here.

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