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Right now, it talks about styles on the individual flair but not the group flair.

I checked by tring it out and the flair style can be used on the group profile too.

So underneath the "… and for the combined Stack Exchange flair:" and the html code, it might say:

"You can also apply the clean, dark and hotdog styles to the combined profile."

Also when it says add the parameter to the end of the URL it might be a good idea to say "e.g. if the URL contains "image.jpg" make that "image.jps?theme=dark", keeping the rest of the code the same.

Finally for the combined profile it might (but not really sure) be a good idea, that with the above changes, add the additional styled examples, similar to the way they are shown above for the individual flair.

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We'll probably table this for just a bit...we're working (for other reasons) on serving flair over SSL, which may necessitate a few moves behind the scenes and some UI updates in itself (we won't break existing uses of course). – Nick Craver Apr 16 '12 at 22:03
I'd rather have custom colors. Please add the optional URL parameters bgcolor, bordercolor, and textcolor. :D – animuson Apr 17 '12 at 5:22

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