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While the notification about there being new answers to a question you're currently answering has been around for a while, I've noticed more recently StackOverflow seems to be sending other updates to the client theses days:

  • Indicating new questions since page load when you have a search page open
  • Reputation auto updating
  • Date fields auto updating (created date/ edit date)

So I was wondering technology/framework is StackOverflow using to push these updates to the client? (Custom AJAX? A JS library?)

I've looked at this question's answer, but I don't see any specific mention.


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According to Geoff Dalgas's post here, they're using Web Sockets

Now for the gotchas - in order to use this feature you must have a browser that supports web sockets. See: for a list of browsers that currently support web sockets.

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Yep .. no fugly longpoll fallback. I was happy when I read that because it gives me something 'major' to point at where time wasn't wasted on trying to make bonus features work for every browser under the sun. – Tim Post Apr 17 '12 at 6:39
OMG this doesn't support IE 5.2 for mac? OUTRAGE No seriously good on them for designing for the future/present – Ben Brocka Apr 21 '12 at 22:05

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