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Is it possible to show technology wise badges? Suppose I earn some badges on and some on , then how we know technology wise badges?

I know one way to click on badges and know on which question you earn this badge. But any easy way ?

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@bol - Wouldn't "tag-badges" be a better fit here? – Lix Apr 17 '12 at 12:48
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Yes - you can earn "tag" badges. They look like this :


  • For a bronze badge - Earned 100 upvotes for at least 20 answers
  • For a silver badge - Earned 400 upvotes for at least 80 answers
  • for a gold badge - Earned 1000 upvotes for at least 200 answers

The badge you see in the screen shot is a bronze badge for the tag (on meta), but the same goes for any tag on any site - including all the technology tags on the main Stack Overflow site :

You can earn these badges for any tag. Believe it or not - even for the "status completed" tag :)

enter image description here

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