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I posted a question about a bug. The only answer to the question was a "no repro" response that received four upvotes. I can reproduce the issue reliably and don't find that answer helpful, and I'd like to put a bounty on it. However, I don't want the existing answer to get the bounty if no one else responds (since it is unsatisfactory).

What is the proper SO way to do this, or should I just go ahead and take my chances with the bounty?

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Darin won't get the bounty if you let it expire. Only answers posted after you place the bounty are eligible for automatic awarding of bounties (in the event you don't choose one before it expires). An answer that:

  1. has at least 2 upvotes and is the most upvoted answer
  2. is the oldest in case of a tie per 1 above

will be awarded 50% of the bounty if you let it expire.

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