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After questions have been migrated from the closing beta sites, will the notice of migration still be shown on the destination site after the parent site has been removed or will the migration history disappear?

enter image description here

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"migrated from The Twilight Zone 11 hours ago"? – animuson Apr 28 '12 at 19:33
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As with the answer to most questions, it appears that only time will tell. And the old girl came through once again this time.

The migration notice is still displayed on the destination site just as it always was, even after the original parent site has been shut down for good.

  migrated from

A live example of this is visible on the Philosophy site: Why can't (or shouldn't) economists answer normative questions?

Now, the next question is, should moderators on the new destination site clear the migration history for those questions which have found a happy, new, permanent home?

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