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In any meta site for a Stack Exchange 2.0 site, there is a tab in the "users" page that shows the users basing on their participation. On the meta site for Drupal Answers, that page appears as in the following screenshot (I limited the screenshot to the first two lines).


To make a comparison, the voters tab reports the number of votes casted from users.


What are the criteria used to short the users in that page?

I recall the page showed more information for each user, which is not shown right now (I think it was the score the users got for their posts).

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Sounds like it might just be the sum of all edits, comments and answers? – Ben Brocka Apr 28 '12 at 16:44
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All that's publicly known is:

Users most active on this site in the last 60 days (combined number of posts, votes, comments and edits).

So, if you take that literally, that's your formula. But it could be that there are some multiplicators involved — I guess an answer counts more than just a comment.

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