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I have a question (How to properly implement a custom session persister in PHP + MySQL?) that for some reason doesn't show all the post contents.

In the end there is the "Added" section which contains an ordered list. Only points 1 and 2 of that list are displayed. When you edit the post, you can also see points 3 and 4. In edit mode the points 3 and 4 also appear in the preview.

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The HTML used to display questions and answers is cached - the post is stored in Markdown format so it would be costly to rerender the page every time it was displayed.

If there was a problem in the past then the version with the error - in this case truncated text - will be shown.

Just edit the post. This will rerender the HTML and should sort out the problem.

If it's still wrong, update this question.

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Daniel Fischer already did that, and it got sorted out. I tried it too, but I didn't make any modifications, so I guess it ignored my "change". – Vilx- May 2 '12 at 14:01

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