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Current Behavior

When a low-rep user proposes an edit, they see the question in its edited form even before their edit is approved.

When I vote to approve an edit (first vote), I do not see the edit I voted to approve.

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Proposed Behavior

I would like to propose that when a user expresses their support for an edit by voting to approve it, that user then sees the edit as if they were the user that proposed it*.

When I approve an edit, that locks me out of editing the post, so until the edit is fully approved, I can only see the poorly formatted (usually) version. I would like to be able to see the edited version as soon as I signify that I approve of the edit.

*This would appear similar to the low-rep user's view, where I believe it is marked somewhere as a pending edit.

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Related discussion asking for an explanation of current behavior, but not proposing a specific change, like here: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/125909/… –  Laura Oct 10 '14 at 15:25
@Laura Is this feature being given any consideration? It's one of the more frustrating things about approving edits in-situ. –  Duncan Mar 24 at 10:33

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I've needed this a lot. Full support.

The only change that i propose is to show a banner similar to what <2k users see, to inform you that the edit hasn't taken place yet.

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I fully agree this should be visible, but then to everybody (maybe in a separate tab to avoid confusion and you can see both the original and edited version).

Why? Because it is quite unfair, if you and I get a readable post, and a low rep user doesn't. In fact this is already the case for the edit button which goes to the review item. You could take advantage from that.

So I suggest to make the edit 'public information'.

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