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I have been using SO chat facility since last couple of months. Multiple time I have observed that, suppose I am in one chatroom and I get notification as shown above. When I go to that room I find that that notification was not for me but for some one else.!! This happens because, if two users have similar name (like in my case it was java_developer - mine and java - another user) then I get this notification even though I am not the intended person. (By pointing like @java, we both are probably referenced.)

I hope I am clear with my question. Please take note of this possible issue.

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By pointing like @java, we both are probably referenced.

That's correct. It is impossible for chat to disambiguate between two users with the same name.

If your name is java dev1 and someone else's name is java dev2, you will both be notified of replies directed at @java. How are we supposed to know which one they meant?

I trust that the devs are hard at work on mind-reading functionality, as that's the next logical step in making this site more awesome, but I hear it's still a way off. At least 6–8 weeks, they say.

In the mean time, that's why it's important for people to use your full user name when replying in chat. We make this easy for you with the auto-complete functionality.

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Thanks for your time and support..!! – programmer_1 May 5 '12 at 8:26

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