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I know that normally tags are sorted by popularity; tags with more questions get listed first. However, sometimes when you go to retag a question (inline), it randomly sorts the tags. I can't figure out how exactly they're being sorted, it truly seems to be random.

For example, take this set of tags:

Ordered set of tags

When I clicked the "edit tags" link, I got this:

Unordered set of tags

In this specific case, they're backwards. That isn't always the case though.

I've notice that this only occurs on older posts. Perhaps at some point SO started storing tags for each post in the order they should appear. Now later on, when you attempt to edit tags on those posts which weren't ordered, they're appearing in the order they were originally entered. Just a random guess.

Any way it's put, it needs to be fixed. It's extremely annoying when you go to edit tags and you accidentally click the x on the wrong tag because you were expecting the one you wanted to remove to be in that spot. Then you can't quite remember what tag was there, so you have to cancel and reload.

Updating all the questions back past when this feature (if it exists) was implemented seems like a bit of a overhaul, especially considering that a large majority of those questions won't ever need tags edited. So, can this be implemented into jQuery somehow to keep the tags in the same order?

Note: I'm only marking this bug under inline tag editing, because editing it normally completely changes the screen, where you would most likely have to scroll or relocate your mouse to get to the tags box. If it happens there, it would be much, much less noticeable.

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Looks alphabetical. Then again, the tags on this question itself aren't alphabetically sorted. –  Manishearth May 6 '12 at 3:28
The tags are sorted by the number of questions with the tag in question that contain diagrams with hand-drawn circles and arrows. If there's a tie, the system totals occurrences of the word "unicorn" in the tagged questions. –  Neil Fein May 6 '12 at 4:32

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