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The Blacklisted User Input page found under Moderator Tools is as barren and non-descript as the /reputation page. There are a few read-only entries, so presumably the entries can only be edited by an administrator/SE employee.

How useful is it to a moderator if he/she doesn't know what it does?

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You can kinda tell what's been blacklisted (if you have at least a passing knowledge of Regex). That's about it. If you don't know what it does, it's not useful at all. – Robert Harvey May 7 '12 at 17:12
I agree with Robert. The only thing I've ever used it for is to see what's there and suggest changes to devs. I'd absolutely love to have edit privileges, but apparently it would be costly to blacklist all the things. – Bill the Lizard May 7 '12 at 17:15
Does it blacklist words or tags? – Ambo100 May 7 '12 at 17:42
@Ambo100 It can do both. Under the 'type' column I see entries of both 'Tag' and 'Universal' on SO. That way some things can be blacklisted in tags only (programming, subjective, offtopic) and others can be blacklisted in titles, bodies, tags, etc. – Bill the Lizard May 7 '12 at 17:53

If you want to request a specific item to be blacklisted, you could theoretically look there if it is already implemented.

In practice, there is no reason for a moderator to ever visit that site beyond idle curiosity, I'd just ignore this page. The blacklist is really a developer tool, not a tool for moderators.

The main action moderators take with regard to blacklists, is requesting a new item for the list. You don't need to see the existing items to do that, usually.

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Blacklisted tags show up here; I've noticed "tag" and "intrinsic tag". "Best Practices" is blacklisted on UX because it's a useless tag; it applies to pretty much every question except the dark-patterns and anti-patterns questions. "UX" and "UI" are blocked as "intrinsic" tags because they apply to almost everything in the subject matter.

Some input like spam URLs is blocked with the note "universal", I think those are SE-wide blocks because of cross-site spam.

As a mod you can't add something to the list directly, but you can ask the community team to block spam URLs or blacklist a tag if it's a serious problem.

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The only cases when you would look at that page are:

  • You need to ask a tag to be black-listed, and you check it is already black-listed. (It is possible to black-list more tags using regular expressions).
  • Somebody asked for a tag to be black-listed, and you want to check it is already black-listed, to mark the request as .
  • Somebody is adding a tag, but he cannot; he asked a question on the meta site, and you look at that page to see if it has been black-listed.

How useful is it to a moderator if he/she doesn't know what it does?

If the moderator doesn't know what a black-listed tag is, s/he will probably not find that page useful.

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