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NB The following is a community-generated list of websites that republish Stack Exchange content without attributing it properly. It is no longer being maintained, because the procedure for reporting such sites has changed; see the duplicate for more information.

There are a number of license-violating clones of Stack Exchange sites popping up that use Stack Exchange's CC-wiki data without following our Creative Commons attribution terms. Those terms are linked at the bottom of every Stack Exchange webpage, and are also included as a .txt file in every data dump we produce.

Google now has a form for reporting content copiers that appear above the originals in search results.

Also, you can block unwanted sites from appearing in Google search from the search page itself:

The option to block a site appears when you click a search result and then navigate back to the search results page. Click the "Block" link next to that result to block all pages within the site's entire domain.

This post was created as an attempt to organize information originally posted in this answer. You may also be looking for the post for reporting copycat sites that outrank Stack Exchange in search results.


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@JeffAtwood I would put a poison pill question(s) that only those APIs presented so that you could automatically re-scrap via Google and easily find infringing sites. Much like cartographers do on physical maps by putting fake locations or markers to easily spot copies. The thieves would never know what to look for and you could easily make this an automated process. – Jarrod Roberson Jul 14 '12 at 6:04
@Jeff is this handled at some level? Can we know which sites were reported and closed? – Shadow Wizard Aug 8 '12 at 10:58
@ShaWizDowArd I don't have a handy list of sites that have been dealt with, but we do monitor this thread and contact offenders. This post isn't just a black hole. :) – Adam Lear Aug 31 '12 at 22:25
Is there a reason the original list of offenders was split into countless posts over multiple pages? Giving it its own topic, sure, but splitting into individual answers just makes searching for existing entries a PITA and invites duplicates. – Daniel Beck May 27 '13 at 8:49
@AnnaLear The RNQA site seems to still be going strong; here’s an ELU meta post about them scraping content from ELU. If there is anything more we can do, please let us know and we would be glad to pitch in in any way we can. Thanks. – tchrist Aug 4 '13 at 20:14

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rqna.net, rqgg.net

http://www.rqna.net/qna/sqqsw-determine-nsdate-for-memorial-day-in-a-given-year.html = Determine NSDate for Memorial Day in a given year (SO)

http://www.rqna.net/qna/nyhx-canon-g1-x-custom-color-resets.html = Canon G1 X Custom Color Resets (photo.se)

Update March 22, 2013:
This post was copied from Stackoverflow.com. It mentions the SO author's user ID, but does not say that the content is copied, or provide any link to the original post.


As of June 9th, 2013, they appear to still be ripping content from the Stack Exchange network; this question is copied from Arqade with no attribution:


They're still copying content as of August 4, 2013. This was copied from Programmers, and they didn't bother to strip out the duplicate notice:


The same people run rqgg.net, example: http://www.rqgg.net/topic/pynmq-why-are-the-bridges-of-klingon-ships-so-steamy.html (from Why are the bridges of Klingon ships so steamy?)

Update Aug 9, 2013

An entire copy of the Movies.SE (give or take a few days) is replicated on rqna.net.

It not only copies the question and answer, but seems to make fake 'user accounts' that aggregate the data taken.

Also, http: //www. rqgg.net/ topic/ nzxp-two-photons-transition.html copied this answer from Physics.SE. This was reported here initially.

Copy http://gaming.stackexchange.com content and even "generously" state it's CC-BY-SA. But no link back.

e.g. http://www.rqgg.net/topic/ikyxs-how-to-sort-the-special-offers-list-by-relative-discount.html boldly copies How to sort the special offers list by relative discount?

The username links http://www.rqgg.net/list/Zommuter.html to a list multiple other questions by me, but there doesn't seem to be any way of knowing it's from ArQAde.

This one is a bit different, http://www.rqgg.net/topic/rphzq-starcraft-1-disc-2-isnt-continuing-the-installation.pdf, it was posted as a pdf file instead of html. It is a complete copy of Starcraft 1 disc 2 isn't continuing the installation .

As before, there is no recognition of this being StackExchange content and the usernames link to fake accounts.

This is the same as the zqna one. – Mechanical snail Jan 28 '13 at 20:53
zqna is gone, but rqna is still going. For example: rqna.net/qna/… is a copy of stackoverflow.com/questions/13489065/… – Richard Deeming Mar 5 '13 at 18:45
rqna is still going alright: http://www.rqna.net/qna/kmkmyq-how-to-put-both-image-and-text-into-a-cell-for-j‌​qgrid.html is an exact copy of SO: how-to-put-both-image-and-text-into-a-cell-for-jqgrid without any contribution or link to the original SO question. – François Wahl Mar 26 '13 at 9:47
There is also rqgg.net which looks like the same site. Example: rqgg.net/topic/mmiur-disabling-foreign-key-checks-on-the-command-line.html – DisgruntledGoat Jun 9 '13 at 23:58
They are also hot-linking images from i.stack.imgur.com – colincameron Jun 10 '13 at 7:43
Their address is only an hour; I could visit them. – Dave Newton Jun 11 '13 at 16:07
They are still up, see e.g. math.stackexchange.com/questions/319221 vs. http://www.rqna.net/qna/pqvkyp-prove-set-of-nash-equilibria-is-closed.html#pqvk‌​yq – Chris White Jun 27 '13 at 18:32
What is the current status regarding the DMCA of this website? – Herbert Jul 20 '13 at 16:44
@Herbert That’s a very good question. They’re still scraping ELU, as reported on ELU’s meta. – tchrist Aug 4 '13 at 20:15
They're also taking content from Biology, e.g. http://www.rqna.net/list/Oreotrephes.html – Oreotrephes Aug 5 '13 at 6:31
We just got a fresh report from Physics.SE. – dmckee Aug 8 '13 at 2:54
@DIMension10 please don't add here anymore, there is new procedure to report. – Shadow Wizard Nov 7 '13 at 11:54


It has scrapes from various SE sites (Super User, Server Fault, Webmasters, …).

They link back to the question (e.g., "View full answer on Pro Webmasters") and the user profile, but …

  • no attribution
  • no mentioning that the content is licensed under CC BY-SA


  • http://nerdanswer.com/answer.php?q=147786
  • http://nerdanswer.com/answer.php?q=32842
  • http://nerdanswer.com/answer.php?q=351177
@MathiasR.Jessen See the duplicate question for new instructions on reporting scrapers. – michaelb958 Oct 21 '13 at 22:31

3mr.me is scraping at least Stack Overflow and English Language & Usage without following attribution rules.

For example,

  • http://3mr.me/what-is-the-origin-of-the-slang-kicks-meaning-sneakers/
  • http://3mr.me/how-to-copy-the-current-file-full-name-to-global-clipboard-in-vim/
  • http://3mr.me/what-does-the-term-empirical-praxis-mean/

are scrapes of:

  • http://english.stackexchange.com/questions/125733/what-is-the-origin-of-the-slang-kicks-meaning-sneakers
  • http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18755682/how-to-copy-the-current-file-full-name-to-global-clipboard-in-vim
  • http://english.stackexchange.com/questions/132261/what-does-the-term-empirical-praxis-mean

without (1) visually indicating that the content is from Stack Overflow, Meta Stack Overflow, Server Fault, or Super User [etc.] in some way; (2) hyperlinking directly to the original question on the source site; or (4) hyperlinking each author name directly back to their user profile page on the source site.

For (2), they are linking back ("Read More Details"), but are both using tinyurl and nofollow, so it's not a direct link.

They have this in the footer, but it doesn't meet SE attribution requirements:

© 2013 3mr.me. All rights reserved.

Except for third party materials and otherwise stated, this content is made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Licence. The original Author/Publisher name is mentioned above.

Me too. I found my question popping to the top of google search on their site within 2 hours of posting it. – steve Sep 13 '13 at 5:12
@MattEllen: See the linked duplicate for new instructions on reporting duplicates, please. – Josh Caswell Oct 20 '13 at 7:42


  • Uses content from Mathematics.SE.
  • Includes advertisements alongside content.
  • No mention of Stack Exchange as far as I can tell; lacks link to original author.
  • ID in URL matches that of copied content.

A few examples:



plagiarized from Skip all new device drivers in `make oldconfig` for Linux kernel

No Stackexchange link on that site.


This site copies the Stack Exchange site content (without following attribution guidelines)

Site: http://programmers-question.com


  1. This http://programmers-question.com/xcode-5-crashes-with-svn-version-1-7-xcode-svn-crash-xcode5/ is a copy of SO question Xcode 5 crashes with SVN version 1.7 - self signed certificate
  2. This http://programmers-question.com/how-to-stop-timer-on-killing-app-android-android-timer/ is a copy of SO question How to stop timer on killing app android
  3. This http://programmers-question.com/objective-c-remove-navigationbars-bottom-border-ios7-objective-c-uinavigationbar-ios7-xcode5/ is a copy of SO question Remove Navigationbar's bottom border iOS7

The list of many such copied questions can be found on this site.


This site copies the Stack Exchange site content (without following attribution guidelines)

Site: http://t6942.codeinpro.us/


  1. This http://t6942.codeinpro.us/q/508112064f1eba38a4facfd7 is a copy of SO question Finding path to plist in Xcode project folder
  2. This http://t6942.codeinpro.us/q/5080d43e4f1eba38a49a7e8f is a copy of Serverfault question Can't resolve DNS only in one machine
  3. This http://t6942.codeinpro.us/q/5080d46d4f1eba38a49ade6c is a copy of Serverfault question Reset crawled content for one content source in MOSS

I was able to link to one of the SO questions(which I answered) copied by this site: http://www.ggkf.com/. This came up as the first result in Google search results.

enter image description here

SO Question: CGImageRelease Error in architecture i386

Copy link: http://www.ggkf.com/ios/cgimagerelease-error-in-architecture-i386

The list of many such copied questions can be found on this site.



Copies from SuperUser, ServerFault and perhaps others. They even file it on their main page under those names, along with a few other sites. No attribution to any of them.




There is author attribution, but not post attribution if the OP no longer exists.


  • www.pressingquestion.com/160637/What-Is-A-Good-Implementation-Of-A-Peer-To-Peer-Chat-Program-With-A-Server-For-Assigning-Connections-In-C%2B%2B%3F


Yet another one.

I actually came across it due to a spamming user who posted a link to their site twice in this question: Support offline data display in iOS app (10k only) with that link being to their copy of that question.

Checking out their home page today, they seem to be getting stuff pretty quickly; probably using the API. They also have Disqus comments active, and seem to get a bit of activity there, so they are apparently getting hits through from Google.




  1. http://digresource.com/encouraging-users-to-be-more-specific-about-tool-or-server-versions-228135.html is a copy of Encouraging users to be more specific about tool or server versions - Meta
  2. http://digresource.com/mac-mini-for-software-development-213747.html is a copy of mac mini for software development - Ask Differnt
  3. http://digresource.com/why-are-tasks-in-microsoft-project-turned-red-86412.html is a copy of Why are tasks in Microsoft Project turned red? - Super User
  4. http://digresource.com/how-to-restore-etcservices-205858.html is a copy of How to restore /etc/services? - Ask Ubuntu

languageusage.com is scraping “English Language & Usage” without following attribution rules.

For example,


is a scrape of


without attributing to SE, linking back to the question at SE, or linking back to the author at SE.





Scrapes answers from Server Fault without attribution.

Example: http://www.jjeasy.com/best-strategypractices-for-devtestprod-server/ is lifted from Best strategy/practices for Dev/Test/Prod Server with no attribution for Server Fault or the question or answer authors, nor is the license given.



  • No mentioning that this material is from SE
  • No hyperlink to original question
  • No hyperlinks to user names
  • No attribution to authors or Stack Exchange
  • No links back to Stack Exchange
  • No mentioning that the content is licensed under CC BY-SA

After some brief investigation, it appears to pull from other Stack Exchange sites as well.


Scratch that, they're scraping from multiple sites now. I see at least a few questions from Photo.SE, and Sharepoint.SE. – fbueckert Jun 10 '13 at 14:23
One of their latest scrapes is completely blatant: http://qandasys.info/how-to-do-organize-papers-urls-and-other-tcs-related-resou‌​rces/ No attempt at all to reroute URLs. – fbueckert Jun 12 '13 at 14:37

hows.info (also serverfault.hows.info)

  • copies all user pages, questions, etc.
  • no attribution
  • adds ads (inline text links and block ads)
  • uses trademarked images and cdn resources
  • purports to be Stack Overflow (contact page) Ironically even offers SE as a login

Site is pretty egregious, direct copy, user profiles and everything. Only site with 100% user profile copies that I have found. Even uses the favicon.

At first the site wouldn't let me view (said I had reached my maximum or some message along those lines), and I had to delete the cookie on my machine from them in order to access the page. Once I realized it was a copy I stopped browsing because of the malicious nature of the owner.

We are keeping an eye on this one and beefing up the blocking on our end. – Adam Lear Jul 15 '13 at 21:35
@AnnaLear There's now a Server Fault version :o – Doorknob Jul 20 '13 at 4:03
How come hows.info is sending me back to Stackoverflow? – Louie Aug 1 '13 at 7:45


  • The scraper also purports to give a link "View original page at" (no further text), but this link goes nowhere. The scraper is presumably availing him/herself of a great deal of Stack Exchange content, a clearinghouse for SE content
  • This scraper site is heavily ad supported
  • Does state at the bottom that the content is licensed under cc-wiki and enumerates some (not all) SE sites involved, but does not link to the original question or the users.

A search for the term "Judaism" on their main site turns up over 600 hits on the subject, many, many of which (in a cursory search) are directly copied from Mi.Yodeya; a search for an active username turns up hundreds of hits, including questions, answers, and comments.

In addition, a search for "English Language & Usage" without the quotes turns up hundreds of hits (many from that SE site); searches for it with the quotes turns up 48; and searches for names with which I am familiar from other SE sites turn up content of those SE users.

The attribution is not only flimsy but actually incorrect. There's a disclaimer at the bottom of the main page (but over at Mi.Yodeya we believe it to be violating the license terms)

The content is from serverfault.com, superuser.com and stackoverflow.com, and is licensed under cc-wiki. Any advice please contact us.


Confirmed, and I also see this site scraping content from Physics, e.g. this (original). Who knows how many other network sites they are taking from (without any attribution whatsoever). – David Z Jul 31 '13 at 1:42
Funny: the copies faithfully reproduce inter-post links back to the originating Stack Exchange site (see for instance my answer on http://www.techques.com/question/5-31514/Why-is-the-%28free%29-neutron-lifetime‌​-so-long? which links back to physics.stackexchange.com/a/31526/520). The person who wrote the scraper is too much of a poser to even get that right. ::sigh:: You just can't get good villians these days. – dmckee Jul 31 '13 at 6:29


  • Looks like it targets SO specifically. The listing pages seem to link to the original sources, but the individual pages don't. No other mention of SO or any other source, the license, or attribution.
  • No attribution
  • No link back


  • http://www.blogosfera.co.uk/2011/03/php-x86-how-to-get-filesize-of-2gb-file-without-external-program/, original question: PHP x86 How to get filesize of >2GB file without external program?

  • http://www.blogosfera.co.uk/2013/08/implement-iqueryable-wrapper-to-translate-result-objects/ Note the lack of links to the original source (here). However, if you go here: http://www.blogosfera.co.uk/category/net-2/, you should be able to find the same post, and the title will take you to the original source (click the date at the bottom to get to the individual post on the system).



  • Scrapes questions from Gaming/Arqade
  • Displays completely different users for the questions/answer (seem to be non-SE users)
  • No link back to the source
  • Claims copyright:

    COPYRIGHT © 2013 www.lovevideogame.com; user contributions licensed under cc-wiki


  • On Gaming and on LoveVideoGame: www.lovevideogame.com/q/answers-is-it-possible-to-use-a-different-folder-than-minecraft-100106.html

  • lovevideogame.com/q/answers-starcraft-1-disc-2-isnt-continuing-the-installation-126684.html is a flagrant copy of Starcraft 1 disc 2 isn't continuing the installation . No recognition whatsoever that this is StackExchange material. They even stole the profile pictures along with the usernames.




Why does $($) crash my page?

is the original; here is the copy:


Beating jQuery addiction: Which jQuery methods are easily translated into pure javascript? original

Copy: http://www.advancesharp.com/Questions/6463/beating-jquery-addiction-which-jquery-methods-are-easily-translated-into-pure-javascript which the owner of the site takes credit for... methinks Felix Kling will not be impressed.

All content from this site appears to be ripped from SO.

This site appears to be owned and operated by this SO user.

More examples:
ORIGINAL: "javascript:void(0);" vs "return false" vs "preventDefault()"
COPY: http://advancesharp.com/Questions/6474/javascriptvoid0-vs-return-false-vs-preventdefault

There's a post about this at the high-Google-ranking copiers question as well.


It appears he is keeping tabs on us and removed this questions linked. Here is a quick example of how you can search his "most visited" questions (grab a chunk of code and/or text and google search)

Using JQuery hover with HTML image map


The question has been changed slightly. The answer is exact. There are literally hundreds of scraped pieces of content on this site. Too much for it to be cross-post coincidence


I Just re-visited him and his 'newest' questions almost all seem legit? However there are still legacy scrapes on his site with names/times/people changed but not intellectual property.

Check checkbox checked property using jQuery

and http://www.advancesharp.com/questions/298/how-to-know-checkbox-is-checked-or-not-by-jquery


How can I make a redirect page in jQuery/JavaScript?



Most efficient way to clone an object?


Really, after you find a bogus Question/Answer combo just click on the 'user' who posted it. All other content from said user is scraped from SO - and there are MANY of these users all with 2/3 questions / answers - I can't see it being an elaborate way for someone on that site to gain 'rep'



  • No indication content comes from Stack Exchange
  • No link back to original question
  • No author names
  • No author profile links


  • chanhope.com/discussions/how-to-reply-to-facebook-messages-using-gmail.html

    From Web Apps

  • chanhope.com/discussions/how-to-split-up-the-wordpress-blog-post-title-and-insert-a-span-tag.html

    From WordPress Answers

  • chanhope.com/discussions/how-to-group-apps-in-unity-launcher.html

    From Ask Ubuntu question, Ask Ubuntu answer

  • chanhope.com/discussions/multiple-submit-buttons-in-an-html-form.html

    From Stack Overflow


"TinyMoviez.org" + something in Arabic that I can't read.

Scrape of Mi Yodeya front page, no links back to SE or attribution: http://s3.tinysub.org/sub/browse.php?u=Oi8vanVkYWlzbS5zdGFja2V4Y2hhbmdlLmNvbQ%3D%3D&b=0



Sample scraped question from Mi Yodeya: http://acidmanic.somee.com/surf/surf.aspx?dec=1&url=uh4QwdELmSFRtgfFwSQKwT47sSJByg0EsqVDt5V9vSQLwrpBwT4FvSVPmPAN0dsLxS7VmqBPmqBQmqVBsSpPwSfOy5RQvOR7wSIJs5ROsqj8u3==B6X!

Copies the boilerplate including the CC-SA notice, but contains no links back to the site and no attribution in plain text.



http://qnundrum.com/answer.php?q=19297 is a copy of a question from AskDifferent. It links to AskDifferent's author page and then gives no answer, just a button "View Full Answer on Apple StackExchange."

No attribution to us.

Note that its Contact page says

If a question of yours was indexed by Qnundrum that you don't want indexed, click here to fill out a take down request form. Submitted questions for takedown that are approved will be removed within 48 hours.

And another http://qnundrum.com/answer.php?q=597718

and on 18 Aug 2013 another qnundrum.com/answer.php?q=814772

This site continues to lift content from Ask Different - often within hours of questions arriving on the site. – bmike Aug 24 '13 at 1:25

www.gp958.com is a verbatim copy of the majority of content from Android Enthusiasts right down to the site's title tag, and linking images from stack.imgur.com. The copyright line at the bottom of each page says:

© 2013 GP958 All rights reserved.

Which breaks our cc-wiki license.


http://www.gp958.com/questions/44293.html is a copy of What does permission "MANAGE_ACCOUNTS" mean?

There are no links back to the source site, there's no mention of where the content came from, the original authors names have been removed and replaced with "Guest".


From: 'Mirrors' of Stack Overflow





http://it.dbline.net/questions/tagged/contour?page=1&sort=active http://s7438.socode.info/question/5081280a4f1eba38a41a813d



  • Example 1 from SO: (http://t6865.codeinpro.us/q/51502614e8432c04262938ad)
  • Example 2 from SF: (http://www.codeinpro.us/q/5080d39b4f1eba38a4995017)
  • Full text of question, all answers (including marking accepted answer), and all comments
  • No attribution, no links, and no mention of SO, SF, or SE
  • Only reviewed a few questions but everything I looked at is from a SE site.


tinyguru.com/serverfault/qid428975.html copies my Server Fault question How to use tscon on Windows7?

EDIT: tinyguru.com's 'questions about English' branch appears to have scraped english.SE wholesale. In other 'questions about X' branches, the Xs all represent X.SE.

Update (Aug 13 2013): Site now links directly to stackoverflow.com and attribution to the site and CC-BY-SA is stated in the page footer. Case closed?



Scrapes content from Super User (at least). The name and avatar of the author appears next to each post, but there is never any mention of Super User, any link back to posts of user pages, or any indication that the content is not original.

Example: http://www.windowslinuxosx.com/q/answers-why-cant-old-pcs-view-modern-sites-628179.htmlWhy can't old PCs view modern sites?


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