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Referencing this question on SF:
Flash Plugin - How to disable automatic updates on a computer that is offline?

I would vote close this as "belongs on superuser", but it's got a bounty and as such I can't vote. Should we be able to vote to move these questions? Maybe allow only the "belongs on..." votes when a question has a bounty? Or should something like this just be flagged for moderator's attention?

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It probably does belong on SU. It had to be sitting around for 2 days before a bounty could be put on it so I'm not sure why it didn't close/move in that time.

Moving a bounty post is... problematic. And it's probably such a corner case that it's not worth dealing with. It can (I assume!) be moved in a week (when the bounty is up). Not sure it requires moderator attention.

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I can dig that. Bigger fish to fry... So is the problem in moving bounty question because of the discrepancy in rep between the sites? I think things sit for a little while longer on SF because there isn't a huge set of users who can vote to close yet (about 39 if I count correct). –  squillman Aug 8 '09 at 13:41

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