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Possible Duplicate:
Let the user choose what the TAB does in the editor with caveats

I was wondering Why "Tab", "PageUp" and "PageDown" aren't working on text area?
it can be very useful when you want to edit or scrolling up/down the code you are going to post.

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This would break user expectations of what those keys do...since they have the same behavior on 99.99999% of the internet, we follow that well established convention. More accurately, we don't interfere with that convention, we let normal browser behavior happen.

If you want that behavior and wish to deviate from conventions we have no objections, just install or write a User Script to do so in your browser(s)...but changing the behavior for all users is not something we'd want to do.

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Tab should not be captured for accessibility reasons - keyboard users won't be able to tab out of textareas if you do that. Also, balpha wrote a very good userscript to handle tabs in textareas for those who want it to indent text:… – Yi Jiang May 13 '12 at 11:25

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