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I just ran across this post which had been flagged for a broken link to

I'd like to see the `[Foobar](` URL markdown in comments.

That's all it is. For some reason, the URL in that inline code block is being parsed into an actual URL. The extra closing parentheses on the end is causing it to get flagged as an invalid link. Why on Earth is it getting parsed at all?

I'd like to see the [Foobar]( URL markdown in comments.

It doesn't get parsed in the post preview as you're typing... and it's not getting parsed in this question's body either...

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The actual question is until when were URLs parsed inside an inline code block. This looks like a typical case of "Markdown bug fixed once upon a time without baked content being regenerated", which I've now resolved with a dummy edit.

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Nice addition of a space. ;P – animuson May 14 '12 at 18:47

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