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Should questions on Stack Overflow which are related to , or other C++-derived languages be tagged ?

Should they be tagged with both and the derived language? Or should they be tagged only with the derived language?

A case in point is How generics work in C++/CX . The poster asks a question about a feature that doesn't exist in C++ but that does exist in .

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Thanks, @Bart. I think my question distinguishes itself from the previous by the relationship between the tags. No one would question that Visual Studio 2005 is Visual Studio. The -2005 tag is clearly subordinate to the main tag. In my case, it is an open question: is a c++-cli program written in c++? I say "no", but others might say, "yes." So I think of the secondary tags as derived from, but not an example of, the primary subject. – Rob May 17 '12 at 15:42
Sure, I agree. So "related" instead of "dupe". – Bart May 17 '12 at 17:01

If there is syntax or entities in the question not present in plain ol' C++, then the question should not be tagged .

If there are no such entities then it is probably a completely general question and likely should not be tagged with the variant. Exception: if it is possible that the answers will require non-standard tools. In which case the tagging should be revised.

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