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When I hover over a tag with a mouse, I get a quick count of the number of tag subscribers.

Tag hover - subscriber count

This information is not displayed on either the landing page for a tag or the "learn more..." page for a tag. (I couldn't find this anywhere accessible from the iPad - but perhaps I'm just not aware of where to find this count using a touch device that lacks a mouse)

Can the subscriber count (or lack of subscribers) be added to top right of the tag page .../questions/tagged/tag_name ?

Can this count also be added on the .../tags/tag_name/info page? Adding this to the top or embedding it in the "stats" section on the right margin might be a nice place for the current subscriber count.

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Device doesn't matter - i want that on my laptop all the time, it's easier to have everything in one place. – James May 17 '12 at 18:00
Thanks for the clarification and edits - the mobile aspect is the least important factor in this request. Having subscriber count revealed directly on the pages as opposed to being a "hidden" element seems reason enough to ask that this be considered. Mobile not being able to find the data seems like icing on the cake than the nub of the issue. – bmike May 17 '12 at 18:26

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