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How do favorite questions work?

I would like how to follow a question and its answers at Stack Overflow.

Example: Let say I search a topic... Find a question that still has no answers, but I would like to know if and when somebody answers the question.

It would be a question that I did not ask, and also did not comment on.

Does Stack Overflow have this feature?

(I suppose that somebody asked this question, but I did not find it here.)

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Click on the Star next to the question and you will favorite it. You can then find it easily in your profile under the favorites tab.

PPS: You need to go back and accept answers to your previous questions. Click the Checkmark outline next to the answer.

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Facebook like Notifications to answers/replies as well as email ones are very desirable. – Pinaki Bhattacharyya Jan 7 at 3:05

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