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As a follow-up to my question What should I do with my frustration at having a question closed after writing a thoughtful answer?, I wonder if it would be reasonable to provide a kindly-worded pop-up to a user attempting to save an answer to a closed question.

As a new user trying to participate by providing good answers, but who hasn't yet learned the nuance of which apparently well-written (if "off-topic") questions will be insta-closed, it might be useful to provide a more respectful user-experience acknowledging that their contribution is valued, and explaining why this has happened.

As it stands now, I believe the answerer just finds the "Save" button has become disabled, and upon page refresh he/she learns the question has been closed. The ten minutes spent composing the answer are wasted. I believe the site's UI should acknowledge and thank the poster for his/her contribution, encourage them to continue providing answers, and maybe offer a link to the relevant FAQ.

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Related, yes, but I'm specifically speaking of the user-experience when attempting to save an answer to a question that's actually been (as opposed to might be) closed. – pamphlet May 18 '12 at 22:16
Do you have any suggestions for what the text should be? – Tim Post May 19 '12 at 4:14

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