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I want to ask a question in SO, about the deployment automation platform glu. There are however no questions about it (only a mention in this answer), and there is already a tag for OpenGL GLU.

How should I tag my question?

Edit: Mat created tag

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I think you should post your question, without the tag, but with whatever else is relevant, making clear what glu you're talking about, and add a comment asking for a new tag to be created.

I'd suggest , since that piece of software appears to come from LinkedIn.

Once that's done, you can go ahead and propose a great little tag wiki for that.

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You can tag your question with the existing tags, starting from the tag for the programming language.
If there are enough questions about the same topic, then a tag like could be created. Remember that a tag used from just a question is going to be automatically deleted, and a tag that applies to just 2-3 questions is not that much helpful.

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