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I just looked at the tag, and the question seem to vary among reading binary data (from somewhere), reading text, reading files, and other unrelated things. There's only 6 subscribers and no tag wiki, along with a small count of questions.

What should be done with the tag?

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Agreed, both and are now burninated.

Only two questions were left untagged (may be referring to deleted questions), which indicates to me that these tags were 99.99% superfluous.

tag burninated

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Kill it! It's not helpful at all, and it could mean almost anything, as you say, depending on the context. I'm starting removal now :)

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Any reason for the downvote? – Ryan O'Hara Jun 4 '12 at 3:51

In that token, wouldn't also make a decent candidate for burnination too? They're both I/O operations, and could handle both cases neatly.

(And yes, I'm all for cleaning out .)

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