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In the Biblical Hermeneutics Moderator Tools | history grid, some columns (2-10 I think) can be sorted numerically. But the last two seem to be sorted alphanumerically. (I.e., 14, 218, 23,...) Also, the problem only seems to be noticeable when using filter=all. The other filters seem to work fine. (Because of the data, I can't tell if filter=day is correct or not, but I would guess it's ok.)

I gather (from a conversation on the Teachers' Lounge) that not all sites have the problem. It's also a very minor issue in the grand scheme of things. Just an oddity.

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Reproduced on Electrical Engineering (see TL post ID 4712275). Due to the data, I can only reproduce it on the last column. – Kevin Vermeer May 24 '12 at 17:11
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A fix for this has been pushed and will take effect with our next build.

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