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I searched for a tag and got some results. But not the one I looked for. So I clicked on tag synonyms, but I landed on the general synonyms page. I thought I would end up listing all synonyms and masters of my search and/ or the ones I got as result.

So I kept searching and found e.g. a question about including master tag in search. But I see, if I look up there are only 19 questions with this tag. But its master tag has 44 questions. Is this a bug?

My initial question is, if it is status-by-design that there is only a general tag-synonym list, or is it just a new feature that might be useful.

Proposed feature: Searching for a tag, clicking on tag-synonyms results in a list based on all (synonyms and) masters of tags that already where part of current result.

Example: A search for tags typing "gsa" does not include master tags like "google-search-appliance" as search is done by simple text search for typed string.

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