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When I get an email notifying me of new messages in my SE inbox, I’d like it to include a link that gets me either

  • directly to my global inbox, or, at least,
  • to a Stack Exchange page with the message indicator icon at the top to click on.

I haven’t memorized the Stack Exchange URLs for the sites I use and I shouldn’t have to. It’s several extra steps to switch to my browser and look up a bookmark, etc. when just a link in the email would do it all.

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I don't remember the circumstances from 2 years ago, but the email I got today had a link which took me directly here, so maybe this is not an issue any more. – Joe Apr 20 at 23:19
That’s the case of the HTML version of the email, not the plaintext version, @Joe. See the question I linked to in my previous comment. – Palec Apr 21 at 0:06

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