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What happens under the hood when we click one one of the tabs? (Newest, Featured, Faq, etc).

There's a querystring sort on the URL which identifies the type of sort, or in some cases the type of filter (at least in the case of Unanswered and Active).

Does each sort type use a seperate ActionResult or is there one ActionResult for sorted results and one for filtered results?

My guess is that a querystring was used instead of a seperate routing URL because some actions use one ActionResult and others user another. (or something similar).

Is this how it works or is there something much more in-depth going on?

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The URL corresponds to a single ActionResult method. The query string is most likely passed to a method on a repository object (utilizing a micro ORM called Dapper to get the results from the SQL Server database), and a collection of results is returned, sorted in the chosen order. Said collection is then passed to the View for rendering.

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