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In Mutt, notification mails look like this for me:

Date: Thu, 31 May 2012 18:19:25 +0000
From: Stack Exchange <>
Subject: 1 new item in your Stack Exchange inbox
X-Mailer: MailBee.NET

The following items were added to your Stack Exchange global inbox since you last checked it on 2012-03-28:

May, 31 Cost of synchronization
comment: The other thing that that example shows is that 1,000,000 synchrnonization locks take 0.024 secon...If you no longer wish to receive updates every 3 hours, you may
+unsubscribe from this email.

Questions? Comments? Let us know on our [feedback site][9].

Stack Exchange Inc. 55 Broadway, 26th Floor, NY NY 10006 <3

  1. I think that the “If you no longer wish to…” thing shouldn’t be directly after the comment without even just a space.

  2. Add links to the comments, please.

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The unsubscribe link is no longer a problem as it has been moved below the rule. – Palec Apr 19 '15 at 12:50
Unanswered duplicate: Plaintext notification emails do not link to questions – Palec Apr 19 '15 at 13:10
It would be VERY useful if a notification email contained a link to the discussion thread. Please add. – Per Lindberg Jun 8 '15 at 8:20

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