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I follow the questions that are tagged "delphi" on stackoverflow. Since a few weeks, when te page loads, all questions get the skin-tone-kind-of-pink background, nomatter from which computer I watch or which page of the questions I'm on.

Did something break? Did I break something? Is there a reset button somewhere?

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I believe you may have setup the delphi tag as ignored or perhaps to interesting, but interesting tags show up "highlighted" in yellow on my machine. If you go to your profile -> preferences, you can remove it from the ignored list.


Actually, it looks like (I'm assuming you're talking about SO here), it looks like ignored tags end up with a faded look. So I would guess that you've marked the tag as interesting and that's causing the change. I know it wasn't until a few months ago that interesting tags were highlighted when you were browsing that tags specific page, so you would have noticed this change recently.

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yes all pages now respect interesting / ignored – Jeff Atwood Aug 10 '09 at 18:33
You're right, I have Delphi as an interesting tag, but if I remember correctly, when I started using / found out about SO, only questions I had visited before got highlighted on the list with questions tagged delphi... This indication is lost to me now, since the entire list is highlighted. – Stijn Sanders Aug 11 '09 at 15:57

They made a change a few weeks ago where questions that carry tags on your interesting list get highlighed even when you're on the page for that tag.

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