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All these days I have been logging into SO with my Gmail Id. Contrarily, yesterday I logged in with my Facebook Id, and I was linked to the same SO account automatically. That was a very handy thing for me, but I am confused as to how this auto linkage happened.
The handle I use for both Gmail & Facebook are same. Is that how this linking happened?
Also, I would like to know what the highlighted statement from MyLogins popup means. enter image description here

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That statement means exactly what you've just observed: if you log in with a provider that gives us an email address (and that Stack Exchange trusts enough to believe the email that's provided is yours), you can log in with any other trusted authentication provider that provides us with the same email.

The key there is that SE has to trust your provider to not lie about the email you own. The providers that are "trusted" are Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and Stack Exchange's own OpenID provider.

So it's safe because, if you were to log in with Joe's House of OpenIDs and it told us your email was "", that would be silently ignored.

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