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I have a Question about a specific open-source online banking program (Jameica/Hibiscus) and do not know where to put it. I have browsed the StackExchange network and, even though all portals are categorized and neatly displayed, by now there are so many I felt a bit overwhelmed. However, I don't think any question about that tool has so far ever been asked on any of the portals, and I wouldn't know where to ask.

Is the topic no suited for the Network, because it is to specific and there's possibly not enough user-base interested in the topics? should I resort to the official forum of the tool?

If not, if there's something new that I don't know, how do I proceed?

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If you're working on the code for the program, put it on . If you're installing it, then probably

If you're just a user of the program, then if it's a desktop app, and if it's a web app.

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