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Is there some page on which I can access community-wiki questions for a tag. I believe that the questions that are added to community wiki, specifically by the moderators discuss some important aspects about a topic.

I searched but could not find any index of the questions marked as community-wiki.

As a tag can have a lot of questions marked as community-wiki, having an index for all community questions might not be a good-idea. However, I think some subset of these questions can be added to the tag wiki, per se.

Some community-wiki questions that I think can be added to tag-wikis(or something else) are the ones which:

  • are added by trusted users. (or some other benchmark on reputation)
  • are added by moderators.
  • have high a really number of views.
  • have high a really number of votes.

I feel that this will better server the purpose.

Any comments?

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Search for [tag name] wiki:1.

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thanks. never knew of it. Is there a way to sort them as well, may be by number of revisions/votes/sthg? – Ankit Jun 11 '12 at 2:12
Revisions, no. Votes, yes... you just search for it and click on the "Votes" tab to sort it in descending order. If you want other custom options, you might have to use the Stack Exchange Data Explorer – Lorem Ipsum Jun 11 '12 at 2:37

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