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The community bulletin says that there is a moderator election occurring.

How does the election work and how can I get involved?

election bulletin

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What's happening? The community is electing diamond ♦ moderators; those individuals responsible for moderating the site the election is happening on.

Moderators are elected by a three phase process:

Phase 1: Nomination

Duration: 7 days

Anyone may nominate themselves to be a moderator as long as they fulfil certain conditions.

  • The user must have a minimum reputation. This differs on a site-by-site basis, but is designed to ensure a minimum level of familiarity with how Stack Exchange, and in particular that site, works.

  • There may also be some minimum badge requirements. Currently, this only applies to the Stack Overflow election; the badges needed to nominate yourself are as follows:

    1. Have received the Civic Duty badge.
    2. Have received the Strunk & White badge
    3. Have received the Deputy badge.
    4. Have received the Convention badge.

Nominations are not binding and nominees may withdraw themselves at any point. The nominations are ordered in the order that they nominated themselves; earlier nominees will be at the bottom of the page.

Nominees create a small introduction to themselves and why they think they would make a good moderator. Any user has the ability to comment on each nominees introduction. Currently, the comments under nominations can be neither upvoted nor flagged (abuse can be reported to SE staff through the election chatroom.)


After 7 days the top 30 nominees by reputation advance to the primary phase. If there are 10 nominees or fewer, then we skip directly to the election phase.

Phase 2: Primary

Duration: 4 days

This is where the voting starts. Any community member with at least 150 reputation may vote, but candidates are not allowed to vote for themselves. You get one vote per candidate in the same manner as a question or answer. There are no comments allowed.

You vote by using the up and down arrows next the candidate's post. An upvote indicates you want that person to move on to the next phase, and a downvote indicates you do not.


Nominations are not binding and nominees may withdraw themselves at any point. The nominations are ordered randomly.

The vote tallies are public, so you should be able to get a good idea of the most electable candidates.

After 4 days the top 10 nominees by vote advance to the election phase.

Phase 3: Election

Duration: 4 days (8 days if the Primary phase was skipped)

Lastly, comes the election phase. Once again any user with 150 reputation or more is allowed to vote; unlike the Primary phase candidates are allowed to vote for themselves. Once again, no comments are allowed and the candidates are displayed in a random order.

Each community member gets 3 votes, 1st choice, 2nd choice and 3rd choice. Votes are tallied using the Meek STV method.


Unlike the primary phase, the voting tallies are private so gaming the result is impossible.

Results and further information:

Yi Jiang has created an election site that contains statistics on all current and past elections, for all Stack Exchange sites.

Past election pages are preserved for posterity and are available at <site name>/election; for example, the results of all Gaming elections are available at

When an election is in progress previous results are partially hidden and are visible at
<site name>/election/<election number> instead. For instance, the first Server Fault moderator election is available at When no election is in progress all previous elections are visible at

A full list of current moderators is available on the main Stack Exchange site and more information is available on the blog.

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Another useful answer that can possibly be distilled and mixed in here:… – slugster Jun 10 '12 at 12:03

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