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I found a question like this. My problem now is that /* leads inside this codeblock to starting a comment. But it is no comment after this sign. I found this earlier, too. And I didn't find a sample her on meta.

Question zero: Where is a problem like this described/ solved her on meta?

Question one: Is there an option to have kind of escaping special characters like in some languages you use \\n or "\"n?

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The code there was being formatted as Java because of the tag. I've added comments to both blocks to explicitly force no syntax highlighting on the first, and XML highlighting on the second.

You can check out Syntax highlighting language hints for information on how to use the syntax highlighting comments.

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I see. I used this <!-- language: --> in earlier edits, but forgot to conclude that it has different core highlighting/ comment's strucutre. Thanks for enlightment. – Shegit Brahm Jun 11 '12 at 7:54

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