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Possible Duplicate:
How does Stack Overflow's search compare with Google's site-specific search?

I find sometimes when I used the built-in search I don't find the result I'm looking for but I find it when I search site:stackoverflow on Google.

What is the more recommended way to search SO?

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Pick you engine based on your needs and their strengths. For plain text search Google beats SE's search handily. But if you want to search for questions tagged with a few particular tags and at least X views and Y votes, you'll want to use SE's search, since Google has no idea what tags or views or votes are.

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Use whatever method you find most effective. I'm partial to using the built-in search, as it is easier to limit your query to tag categories using the [tagname] syntax.

For example to require that the result be in the tag:

[php] expects parameter 1 to be resource boolean given

... thousands of duplicates appear...

Occasionally I'll be looking for one of my own previous answers, wherein the user:userid syntax is quite handy. Obviously this is less useful for finding others' answsers in a targeted way unless you first visit their profiles to find their userids.

[php] user:541091 expects parameter 1 to be resource boolean given
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