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The highlighting on SEDE is a bit off occasionally. I've noticed that it highlights Length and Concat as function names, but the backend doesn't support those (it has Len and + instead).

Can the highlighting be tweaked to match the semantics?

When we switched CodeMirror versions, a lot of the T-SQL fixes to the highlighter got lost (read: I wasn't paying enough attention and messed up), so a lot of this is a regression. I've got a personal to-do to compare the current highlighter against the previous version to fix that, although an upcoming feature might complicate things a bit... –  Tim Stone Jun 14 '12 at 10:38

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I've gone ahead and completely redone the word lists for the various keyword/function/operator highlighters to be more representative of T-SQL. In general, what you see on Data Explorer should now be pretty consistent with what you'd see in SSMS.

The highlighter also doesn't respect T-SQL [identifier] escaping at the moment, which is a regression of this issue. I'm in the process of fixing that now. I've fixed this too, and added highlighting for Data Explorer input variables (##variable:type?default##) for good measure.

Both fixes should go out in the next build > 2012.8.31.5, or shortly thereafter. Once they're live, let me know if you notice any remaining irregularities.


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