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I have a similar issue to “Duplicate” question's answers merged into wrong question. The difference here is that [my answer][2] is clearly nonsequitur under the supposed original. So much so that I think it demonstrates precisely in what way the questions are not duplicates.

How can the merge/dupe be reverted? (If it absolutely cannot be, at least consider this a feature request for more clearly marking merged answers.)

(I'm not trying to be ironic here and ask a duplication question about a dupe. There is no clear better way to make the case for and petition for a reversal than posting about it in meta-.)

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Try to adapt your answer to the question. If you can't - say, because the questions were not at all duplicates - then flag for moderator attention and request a review.

It's preferable for moderators to avoid merging when answers don't fit well on the destination, but in cases where they just need a bit of cleanup merging and then leaving a few comments for the answer-authors will suffice.

If a moderator becomes convinced that a merge was inappropriate, they can ask one of us (SE team) to help unmerge / clean up the mess. This is - and should be - extremely rare.

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