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All badges are global across the SE network (except for some Area51-specific ones) however each site is different so is it possible to have some site-specific badges created aimed at encouraging useful content on each site?

I'm not fully aware of the various site-specific content available on other SE sites, but speaking on the site I'm part of (ux.stackexchange.com) we have a feature where Balsamiq mockups can be posted directly within questions / answers. These greatly enhance the question as there is only so much you can get over with a textual description of an interface layout. However this feature isn't utilized as much as it could be. I'm starting to lose count of the number of comments we are leaving against posts stating 'can you provide a screen mockup so we can understand what you're referring to' or suchlike. By having a badge available such as 'create a Balsamiq mockup for a question' or 'Create a balsamiq mockup for an answer' it should hypothetically help encourage people to use this feature, thereby enhancing and potentially improving the question / answer quality.

I'm sure other sites have specific features available to them that are in place to improve the quality of questions/answers, so is it possible (or recommended) to provide site-specific badges to help update of these features?

How these badges would be chosen (and by whom) and what would qualify for achieving them is a different issue really, my question is mostly around whether or not it is possible - or even recommended - to have site-specific badges.

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I don't think they will. Badges that are impossible to get are currently shown. –  bjb568 Dec 24 at 21:55

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It be nice if they implemented this and then were able to remove impossible badges like precognitive on Stack Overflow & Meta.

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