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On Stack Overflow it makes perfect sense to reject tiny edits:

  • there are several thousand questions per day
  • there is a substantial number of users that have permission to edit questions
  • users from the target group of SO are accustom to non wysiwyg editors

But on beta sites the situation is quite different:

  • with about 5 to 10 questions per day, we want every single unclosed question to shine.
  • there is only a very small number of uses which can directly edit questions. It is significant less work for them to accept/reject than to do the edit themselves. This is especially true for tedious formatting fixes
  • it is a shame that interesting question look bad, just because the author is not used to markdown (e. g. has no empty line before a list)

Fixing layout and spelling does make a lot of difference on the first impression of beta sites.

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