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I just asked this:
How can I search multiple sites for my posts about a *nix question at once? and I like the answer.

I am wondering though if it might be possible (and a good idea...) to have, say, a checkbox to help with this.

So that instead of using "michael durrant" bash to search across multiple sites, one could just use bash and then check-off something like 'Onlysearch your posts? or my posts only or something.

Could also be an advanced feature to users with, say 5000+ combined rep to get the basic ui clean and simple and unconfusing for new folks.

Additional search features/syntax?

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Using your full name might work for you, but just using "Arjan" without a last name, is a different thing already. This all feels like a workaround for not having a true network wide search. – Arjan Jun 16 '12 at 16:53

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