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x86 family

The x86 family is, unsurprisingly, the messiest.

  • is the most generic tag, and the most widely used.
  • There are tags for x86 subfamilies: , , , . In practice, , , and seem to be used mostly interchangeably. looks more specific to 8086. What should we do?
    • Merge , and into ?
    • Do a clean-up effort and reserve for issues specific to i386 (or to i386 and i486?), reserve for issues specific to i386 and above, and use for generation-independent questions only? What about questions specific to more recent x86 generations (when they're not or )?
    • A variant of the above, where and are synonyms?
    • Other proposals?

Then we have (the usual vendor-neutral name), but also . is already a synonym of . Shall we merge with as well?

There's an tag, which contains a lot of or questions. They should be retagged, right?


Strangely, I found nothing wrong around ARM families. (Note: ARM7 and ARMv7 are not the same thing.)

“Exotic” CPU families

The tag is used for alpha channels in images. There's only one question about the CPU architecture, and it's off-topic anyway.

is used for both and . This looks like a simple disambiguation job (and some of the questions might be better off on Webmasters, but I don't know if there are any still there that should be migrated).

is a sponsored tag, which seems to be mostly about Motorola mobile phones and tablets. There are a few questions in there.

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